uMobix Review 2021 : Is This New Monitoring App Legit?

Susan Kennedy

Have you ever wondered what your partner is hiding from you every time they refuse to hand over the phone to you? Or what your growing children are doing with their phone? As an employer, you might also worry that your employees are sharing confidential information with third parties.

Well, if you ever had those worries, then you’ve come to the right place for a solution. Back then, it could be difficult to monitor activities on someone’s phone but with the advancement of technology, there are many tools for monitoring the activities of a person’s phone, whether it is an Android or iOS.

One of the best spy apps for monitoring mobile activities is uMobix and this review is a detailed uMobix review that includes its features which can help you make a decision to use uMobix or not. Without further ado, let’s move on with the uMobix review.

Review on umobix

As we’ve mentioned earlier this uMobix review is going to be an in-depth one and we will be covering the things that will help you make a decision on whether to install uMobix or not. The things that we’ll be covering in this uMobix review includes a description of the uMobix, how the uMobix app works, the key features uMobix has, the phones that it is compatible with, the plans uMobix offers and also the installation process of uMobix on the target device and your own.

What is uMobix?

uMobix is considered as a spy app or parental control app. This spy app is definitely one of the best-selling spy apps on the market with cutting edge monitoring and mobile tracking features. The reason that this is considered as a parental control app is because you can use the uMobix app as a mobile tracker and utilize the features to monitor your kid.

The purpose of this app is for parents to understand and monitor their child’s digital well-being. uMobix also allows you to spy on others in real-time regardless of whether they have an Android or an iOS device. With uMobix, you will be able to monitor and record what your child is doing on their mobile phone or tablet.

How the uMobix App Works?

It is a good thing that using uMobix doesn’t require you to do any complex hacking. All you need to make sure is that the uMobix app is installed on the target device, which is pretty much the hardest part of getting the app to work. This is because you will need physical access to the target device, but only once.

While it may sound like a difficult task, it actually isn’t because it’ll only take about 5 to 10 minutes to install and configure the uMobix app on the target device. Before you install the app, you will have to purchase the app license from the uMobix official website first and then install it on the phone/tablet you want to monitor.

When the uMobix starts operating, you will be able to record everything that’s happening on the target device. The online control panel also allows users to monitor the recorded items remotely. To familiarize yourself with uMobix, you can also try their live demo which is available on their official website.

Key Features of uMobix

Investing in a spy app or a monitoring app helps you as a parent to monitor your child even when you’re not around. However, if you are spending the money on fake spy apps, then you won’t gain anything but regret. Thankfully, the uMobix isn’t a scam and offers actual features that you would want in a spy app and let’s have a look at the features that uMobix offers.

Monitoring Calls

The most crucial and essential feature of a spying app is the ability to monitor calls. Using the uMobix app, you will be given access to the call logs of the device with every incoming and outgoing call. In addition to the call logs, uMobix also provides the information of the call like the contact name and number, the nature of the call, call duration as well as the date and time.

You can also filter out the call logs separately on the uMobix website to see only incoming or outgoing calls. Missed calls or declined calls can also be filtered out. One of the greatest things about this feature is that deleted call records are also shown.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to the uMobix spy app call-monitoring feature. Firstly, you are not given the option to check call logs from any specific phone number. Secondly, there isn’t a call recording feature and finally, you cannot filter based on call duration.

Tracking Text Messages

Communication through messages is definitely the quickest and most convenient way and with uMobix, you can monitor the messages that your child received/sent. Since communicating through messaging is quick and easy, there is no doubt that there will be a lot of messages on your children’s device.

To help you easily monitor them, uMobix gives you a “Latest Message” feature that allows you to see the messages received/sent currently. If you do notice something shady with the message, you can click inside and see the complete conversation. uMobix also allows you to see deleted messages and you can sort the messages based on alphabets or date too.

However, you will not be able to find a specific conversation from the contact and you will notice that some conversations have repeating messages.

Social Apps Monitoring

With the use of Display Recording, uMobix allows you to see screenshots of the social media apps that the targeted device is using. You can get the screenshots of the person scrolling and chatting through Instagram, Facebook, sending snaps through Snapchat and so on. The best thing about it is that the user will not know about the screenshots.

For social apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat, uMobix works wonderfully and it shows all the details of the conversation. Details like the timestamp, the profile picture of the other person and also the details of the conversation.

It’s even more amazing with Snapchat because, unlike other social apps, Snapchat notifies the other person when someone takes a screenshot of the conversation. However, uMobix still works perfectly and doesn’t notify anyone about the screenshot that was taken, allowing you to monitor the user of the targeted device safely.

Unfortunately, for social apps like Facebook, Instagram and their Messengers, uMobix is unable to provide detailed screenshots.

GPS Location Tracking

Being able to track the location of the device and the location history is another great thing that uMobix provides. Whenever the user of the targeted device is going somewhere new, he/she will need to access the GPS locations. When the GPS locations are allowed, uMobix will have access to all the places that the user visited.

The GPS location history can be sorted based on addresses, date, latitude and longitude. uMobix also added the support of Google Maps to make things easier. Sadly, the address section is not always updated and the map is lacking details like the name of the area and shop names, etc.


A keylogger is a technology that records the keystrokes that were typed on the keyboard and whenever we press a key on the keyboard, that will be known as a keystroke. Using the keylogger mechanism that uMobix has, you can keep track of everything that your kids are typing on their devices.

The uMobix keylogger feature also includes a search bar that allows you to search for specific terms or words and also the apps that it was typed in. You can also sort it based on the app and date. Surprisingly, the keylogger function also records keystrokes made in incognito mode of any web browser.

The only downside about the uMobix keylogger is that you will not be able to see who the kids are conversing with, only what the kids typed.

Photos and Videos Gallery Monitoring

When monitoring general and social apps are not enough to give your kids complete protection, you will need to find out what they are hiding from you through their photos and videos. uMobix allows you to access the media stored on the device so you can find out what your kids like to watch.

With uMobix, you can arrange the photos from old to new and sort them to your liking. Images that were shared and deleted on WhatsApp and transferred through Bluetooth are recorded as well. However, you won’t be able to zoom in to view the photos.

For videos, you can maximize or minimize it and you can also play or pause it. Additionally, you can also download the video to watch it when you’re free. Simply click the “download” button and the video will begin downloading instantly. You can expect minimal time for the videos to buffer or download but you won’t be able to see videos that were recently viewed.

Browser History Monitoring

Browsing the internet has been a part of life for almost all kids. When they are growing up, parents can still supervise them and control what they see on the browser. However, once the kids grow up to be teenagers, they will certainly find a way to hide their browser history from their parents.

But with uMobix, parents will be able to know what their kids search on the browser. uMobix allows you to see information like recent web searches, the number of visits and the date on those websites. It also preserves the searches so if the kids delete it from their browser history, uMobix will still have it.

The two things that uMobix aren’t able to show are the title of the web pages and also the bookmarks saved on the devices.


In order for spying apps to be considered as good, they need to be compatible with the major smartphones on the market, which are Android and iOS smartphones. Unsurprisingly, the uMobix app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

For Android devices, as long as they are Android running 4 or above, uMobix will be compatible. As for iOS devices, uMobix will work for every iOS device. So regardless of the device that your child is using, uMobix will be compatible.

How to Get Started

uMobix Installation on Parent Device (Your Device)

Before installing the uMobix app on the target device, you will need to set up a uMobix account first. To do so, you will need to go to their official website and follow these steps:

  1. When you are at the uMobix website, click the “Try It Now” on the top right corner of the website.
  2. After clicking it, you’ll be asked to enter a valid email that you want to register with. Do take note that this will be the ID that gives you access to the uMobix portal where you can monitor the target device. Set up a password and click on “Create Account”
  3. After you’ve signed up, you will have to select the device type that your kid or partner is using. Click on either “Android Phone or Tablet” or “iOS, iPhone, iPad” to choose the device type.
  4. When you select the type of device, you will have to purchase a subscription. After selecting a subscription of uMobix, you will receive an email along with a login URL, credentials and a “Registration Code”. You will need the credentials for logging into the uMobix portal and the Registration Code is to be entered into the target device.

Upon the completion of the uMobix account setup, you can proceed with installing uMobix on the target device.

uMobix Installation on Target Device

To install uMobix on the target device you will need to have physical access and after that, you can follow the steps to finish the installation and setup. Mind you, the installation process for Android devices is different from iOS devices.

Installation on Android devices (Spy Program for Android)

Installing uMobix on Android devices is a piece of cake especially if you’re familiar with the installation of spying apps on Android devices. Even if it’s your first time, we’ll make sure that the installation process is as simple as possible.

Before you begin the installation on Android devices, you want to disable the “Play Protect”. Here’s how you can disable it:

  1. To disable “Play Protect”, you will need to open the Play Store first. After that, tap on the “hamburger” icon on the top left and select “Play Protect” from the menu.
  2. After that, tap on the “Settings” icon on the top right and when you’re in the “Play Protect” settings, you want to disable “Scan apps with Play Protect”.
  3. There’ll be a popup asking to “Turn off app scanning?”. Press “Turn Off” and “Play Protect” will be disabled.

Now that you have completed the disabling, you’re ready to install uMobix on the Android device. The file size is relatively small and should only take you about 10 minutes to install. Here are the steps that you should follow to successfully install the uMobix app on the phone:

  1. First, open a browser on the Android phone and go to the installation page:
  2. You will be asked to answer a math question to prove that you are not a robot. After answering, click the “Download” button.
  3. The download should start now and there’ll be a popup asking “This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep umobix.apk anyway?”. Click “OK” to proceed with the download.
  4. After the file is downloaded, there might be an error saying “For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources.”. In this case, you will need to click on “Settings” and the Android device will bring you to “Security”. Find “Device administration” under security and press the button for “Unknown sources”. Doing this will enable uMobix to be installed on the Android phone.
  5. Go back to the browser and check the Downloads and select the downloaded uMobix file. There shouldn’t be any error and you can press the “Install” button.
  6. Once the uMobix app is installed, press “Open”.
  7. You will be brought to the home screen of uMobix. Press “Next” to continue with the installation.
  8. You may read the EULA agreement and if you agree with the terms and conditions, press “Agree to the EULA”.
  9. After agreeing, you will need to provide some Android permissions to successfully monitor the target phone. To do so, press “Grant Permissions” to provide uMobix permissions so you can track the Android smartphone.
  10. Give the “Media” permission by pressing “Allow” to provide uMobix with access to Photos, Media, and Files on the target phone. Repeat the same thing for all the required permissions like Contacts, Calls, Location, Calendar and SMS.
  11. Now, uMobix will ask for permission to enable its keylogger for Android phones. Press ”Enable Keylogger Tracking” to allow it. You will be brought to the “Accessibility” menu and press on the “User Accounts” to toggle on. There’ll be a popup and you need to press “OK”.
  12. Next is for the “Display Recording”. Press “Enable Display Recording” and press “Start Now” in the popup to allow uMobix to give you screenshots on the target phone. It’s important that you check the box saying “Don’t show again” to prevent letting the user know you are spying on them.
  13. Once you’re done with that, you will see a screen asking you to choose whether to “Hide application icon” or “Keep application icon”. It would be highly recommended to hide the uMobix app icon to remain discreet.
  14. Under the Hide/Unhide option, there’s a box to enter the “Registration Code”. This is where you key in the same registration code that was given to you in your email when you were setting up your own device.
  15. After the code is entered, press “Complete Registration” and the uMobix installation on the Android target smartphone is complete.

Installation on iOS devices (Spy Program for iPhone)

Unlike getting the uMobix installed on an Android smartphone, you might not need physical access to the target phone to install uMobix on iOS devices. This is why the installation process for iOS is very different from Android devices.

Since no physical access is needed, the installation will require you to have the iCloud credentials of the target iOS device (Login ID and password). Apple cares about the privacy of their users and because of that Apple implemented features like the 2-factor authentication (2FA) for maximum privacy.

If the 2FA is enabled on the target iOS phone/tablet, you cannot fully utilize the features of the spy app. Also, it means that you will need physical access after all because of the OTP sent by Apple to the cell phone/tablet. Apple also notifies the user that someone else is trying to access their iCloud details.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to disable the 2FA due to recent iOS updates by Apple. So having only the iCloud credentials will not be enough anymore.

With iCloud, it is possible to spy on iOS phones even without jailbreak and it’s crucial that the iCloud backup is turned on in the target phone. After enabling the iCloud backup and providing the spy app with the details for logging in, uMobix will be able to show you all the details such as photos, videos, documents, contacts, notes and things present on the account.

In conclusion, you will need the iCloud credentials, the 2FA needs to be disabled in order for a smooth tracking and the backup has to be turned on.

uMobix Subscription Plans and Pricing

uMobix don’t offer their features for free and that means you need to pay the price to enjoy the spy features that the uMobix app has. The pricing and plans for Android and iOS differs slightly and here is a summary of their pricing:


  • Basic plan: 1-month package – $29.99
  • Full plan: 1-month package – $59.99
  • Full plan: 3-month package – $99.99
  • Full plan: 12-month package – $179.88


  • Basic plan: 1-month package – $29.99
  • Full plan: 3-month package – $44.97
  • Full plan: 6-month package – $49.99
  • Full plan: 12-month package – $89.88

uMobix has a wide range of subscription plans and obviously the higher number of months you go, the more expensive it is. However, the more months you opt for, the cost per month is also lower.

For Android, the Basic plan that uMobix is providing doesn’t have as many features as compared to the full plans. Features like keylogging and social app monitoring for certain apps are not included in the basic plan. The recommended plan to purchase for Android devices would be the 3-month package, at $33.33 per month only.

For iOS, the pricing differs by a great margin from the Android plans as the months for the subscription plan gets longer. However, you do save more and get a lower cost per month if you opt for the annual plan. The 3 months plan is $14.99 per month while the 12 months plan costs $7.49 per month.

Conclusion for uMobix Review

Now that we’ve come to the end of the uMobix Review, it’s time to summarise and give you a conclusion for this uMobix Review. uMobix is a new spy app but has gained a good ranking among its competitors. Almost every customer review is positive and the uMobix spy app has helped many parents to have an easy way of monitoring their children.

Based on our comprehensive uMobix Review, we believe that this is the spy app for you if you want a quick and easy way of monitoring your spouse or your kids. Install uMobix now and enjoy the features they offer.


Can uMobix monitor Snapchat?

Yes. This spy app can record the screen and give screenshots of Snapchat without the user knowing.

Is uMobix legal?

Yes. If you have the consent of the person you are monitoring, then this spy app is legal.

Can I install uMobix remotely?

For an iOS phone/tablet, it is possible to install the spy app remotely if the 2FA is disabled. But if the 2FA is enabled, then it needs to be installed with physical access. As for an Android phone, there’s no way to install the app on the phone remotely.

Can the keylogging function monitor copied and pasted text?

Yes. The functionality of the uMobix Keylogger extends to monitoring copied and pasted text on the phone.

Does uMobix have good customer support?

Yes. The customer support provided by this app is quite impressive. You can expect their customer support to get to you quickly and additionally, they are also knowledgeable so you can definitely rely on their support.

Do I need to jailbreak or root my phone for the app to be installed?

No. This is the good thing about this app, there is no need for you to jailbreak your Apple phone/tablet and also no need to root your Android phone to get the app installed and working.

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