Spyic Review: Trustable Phone Monitoring App in 2021

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If you’re a concerned parent looking for the best cell phone tracker available to monitor your kids, then you’ve come to the right place. A simple search online will reveal a long list of spying apps and it can get pretty confusing to decide on one. During your search, you most likely will come across Spyic pretty often and it should come as no surprise as Spyic is one of the best spy apps for parental control. But how do you know if Spyic is the best choice for your needs? In today’s Spyic review article, we will be talking about all the features of Spyic, a mobile control apps plus its advantages and disadvantages to help you decide if this is the right parental control tool to help you.

Since social media is a vital part of life for many children nowadays, parents might wonder how to spy on messenger conversations to keep them safe especially for younger kids. Thus, you might want to have a few extra options when it comes to choosing the best spy apps.

Spyic Review

Our unbiased Spyic tracking review today will mainly cover a few sections given below:

  • Features & Dashboard
  • Compatibility
  • Spyic Installation & Setup
  • Pricing Plans

Without wasting too much time, let’s dive straight into it, starting with what can Spyic do for you exactly.

Spyic Features

Call Tracking

If you’ve been noticing your child or spouse hastily hanging up their calls the moment you enter the room, then this is a function that you’re going to need. Spyic gives you access to their call logs. From the dashboard, you’ll be furnished with all the necessary information, such as the contact name, phone number, duration of call, date, time, and even the type of call it is (whether it’s outgoing or incoming).

This will give you total knowledge on who they’re talking to, when, and for how long. Having able to check the target device call logs can help you safeguard your loved ones, especially innocent children from unknown people outside who might want to harm them.

Contacts List

Sometimes you may not even find anything suspicious in the call logs, but you may still have some doubt and believe that your target is in contact with someone they shouldn’t be. With Spyic, you can check the list of all the contacts saved on the target cell phone.

You can scroll down and check each contact one by one on the dashboard. Spyic reveals the contact’s phone number, email address, the total number of email correspondence, the number of times this particular number has been in contact with the target person.

Text Messages

Even after the introduction of popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Telegram, text messages, or SMS is still a popular way of texting others. It is not only brilliantly extracts all incoming messages, but the phone monitoring app can even show you past messages.

This is a great feature for business owners who suspect their employees of leaking business-related information. When you click on the Messages tab in your dashboard, you’ll get to see the personal contacts, telecom companies, or banks, etc, who have sent messages to your target cell phone. The spy app will show you the whole list of conversations when you click on any particular contact together with the time and date of the particular message.

Real-Time Location GPS Tracking

The cell phone monitoring app lets you track locations of your loved ones. This is especially important for parents who want to keep an eye on their child’s whereabouts all the time. It can also be a handy feature to reveal where your spouse or partner has been going behind your back.

By using the target phone’s GPS function, Spyic is able to show you the real-time location of your target person. You can even use the real-time GPS location tracking app to check the location route along with the timestamps. This will give you a better idea of where the target person has been and for how long.

Web Browser History

Being able to check your kid’s browser history is a very important feature to have. Some may even call it a necessity when it comes to monitoring their kids online. The Spyic app extracts all queries/searches keyed into the browser from your target phone and even shows you a list of all the websites visited on the internet.

When you use spyic, you’ll be able to know what your kid is watching online and help them stay away from harmful or age-sensitive content on both android and ios devices. Employers can also use this to track their employee’s performance and activities during working hours. This will ensure that your employees are doing what they’re supposed to be doing and maybe even improve productivity during work.


Concerned parents often want to make sure that their kids are watching and looking at appropriate content online and this is where having the ability to check what photos are stored in their mobile phones comes in handy. Spyic app will show you all screenshots, photos were taken with the cell phone camera, received or downloaded photos in the Photos section of the control panel.

However, the photos on the dashboard may be very small, and could be difficult to see the actual content of the image. You then have an option to download the photo by tapping on the download icon to open and see the image clearly.

Video Preview

Similar to photos, parents might also want to check if their teens are storing any unacceptable videos in their smartphones. Considering how easily accessible information is online, it could be important to check if there are any videos related to porn, drugs, political issues, animal abuse, or other harmful videos that could lead to adverse effects on your child’s mind.

Under the Video Preview section of the Spyic app, you get to watch a preview of the videos present in the target device. You also get the option of downloading the video to watch its entirety.

Social Media Apps

Tracking a target person can never be complete without the ability to track their social media activity. Whether you’re monitoring an adult, teenager, or even kids, everyone with a cell phone has WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Telegram, and other social media apps that they use to communicate with others.

So if you suspect your partner is having an affair, or if your child is talking to someone they’re not supposed to, then social media is definitely the place to catch them red-handed. The Spyic tracking app lets its users to track someone without them knowing by monitoring various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Tinder, Kik, and Snapchat that are installed on the target device.


The Spyic tracking app features a Keylogger function to help you see what exactly is being typed into the target phone. This software extracts the keystrokes the target person performs on various target platforms, including social media apps, websites, retail apps like Amazon, and so on.

After you install Spyic onto the target device, you’ll get access to almost everything that’s being typed through the keypad. On top of the word types with the keyboard, the Spyic keylogger feature even captures the words available on the phone screen of the target device.

Calendar, SIM Card, and Applications

Spyic gives you access to all the calendar events stored on the target device for you to check all the details of their upcoming events. Some children may even attempt to outsmart their parents by swapping out the SIM card, which is why Spyic has a SIM card feature that will alert you when it detects SIM change on the target cell phone. The SIM card feature even shows you basic information about the SIM card in the target cell phone, such as the SIM company name, MNC, MCC, and IMEI number.

Play Store and Apple Store now also comes with an abundance of apps that are not suitable for your child at all, including adult stuff, brutality, etc. To make sure your kids steer clear from harmful apps, the Spyic app lets you see the full list of apps installed on the cell phone through the Applications tab in the Spyic control panel.

Spyic Dashboard

Using Spyic should be easy and simple thanks to its user-friendly dashboard that will show you all the recent updates from the main apps of the phone along with whatever information you need about the phone.

Once you login into your Spyic account, you’ll see some basic information about the phone like the device model and OS version on top of the dashboard. Below the section, you will see a list of most calling contacts along with their phone number that the target user is mostly in contact with. Adjacent to that section is the location section where you’ll get the updates of the recent locations of the target cell phone.

Spyic Pricing

Spyic comes with three plans to choose from for both Android and iOS devices. The Spyic plans are also available to work without rooting or jailbreaking the smartphone for those who do not want to get entangled with a complicated process.

Android Devices

The three plans for an Android device is the Basic, Premium, and Family plan. The Basic plan costs $39.99/month to monitor one device while the Premium plan costs $49.99/month. You get to also choose 3 months or Spyic’s 12-months plan to save a lot of money.

Finally, the Family plan costs $69.99 per month for tracking up to 3 different Android devices at a time. Similar to the other two plans, you can also opt for the Spyic 3 months or 12 months plan to save money.

iOS Devices

Spyic does not offer the Basic plan for the iOS phone, it has the Premium, Family, and Business plan instead. The Premium plan can be bought for $49.99/month for one device, the Family plan for $99.99/month for 5 devices, while the Business plan costs $399.99/month to monitor up to 25 devices simultaneously.


Before subscribing to a plan, you should first check to see if your device is compatible with the tracking app. Below are the operating versions that work with the Spyic spying app:

Android: version 4 and above.

iOS: iOS 7 and above without jailbreaking the device.

Installation and Setup

You will need approximately 5 minutes of physical access to the target device to install Spyic. The total time of setup including both the target phone and your phone is about 15 – 20 minutes.

Once you’ve completed the installation, you’ll be able to receive the data immediately and you won’t need physical access to the device again. You’ll be able to monitor everything on the target phone remotely through your Spyic app dashboard online.


Setting Up Your Device

Step 1. Go to the official Spyic website and select a subscription package.
Step 2. Create an account with Spyic by providing your email address and setting up a password before clicking on Sign Up Now.
Step 3. Next, you’ll need to select the type of operating system that the target owns or the target platform, whether it’s Android or iOS.
Step 4. Purchase a plan that suits your budget and purpose.
Step 5. Key in some basic information related to the kid, including the name, age, type of mobile device, and click on Proceed.

Setting Up Your Target Device

Step 1. Open the Play Store and tap on the Options icon at the top and scroll down to the Play Protect option.
Step 2. Tap on the gear icon at the top-right side and toggle off the button that says Scan apps with Play Protect.
Sep 3. Head to the installation page of the Spyic app and slide right to download the app onto the device.
Step 4. Spyic will then show you all the things it will get access to on your target phone. Confirm the installation and tap INSTALL.
Step 5. Click Agree to their Privacy Policy and EULA.
Step 6. Sign in to your Spyic account with the same email ID and password you’ve used to register with Spyic earlier on your device.
Step 7. You’ll need to then allow some permissions for the Spyic app to monitor the target device completely.
Step 8. After that, you need to enable “System Service” in autostart by tapping on Proceed to Settings and then toggling on the button in front of the System Service.
Step 9. After giving all the permissions, the target device is all set to be monitored. On the last page, you’ll get an option to have the Spyic app run in stealth mode operation by choosing Hide the Application icon on the screen.


Setting up Spyic on your iOS device is far simpler compared to installing it on your Android phone. All you need is to verify the iCloud credentials of the target iOS phone. This means you won’t even need access to the target phone at all.

Customer Service

No matter which spy apps you choose, customer support is a very important factor to consider, especially if it’s your first time using it. Considering that Spyic is a global and reputed brand, the company does have one of the best-dedicated teams of customer executives that are ready to support their users.

Spyic Review Final Words

When it comes to the safety of your loved ones, taking the risk can never be an option, which is why you need to have the best resources available in your hand. Now, is Spyic the best monitoring app for you at this price? Spyic is a great cell phone tracked if you’re not in favor of rooting the device as it offers a great number of useful features.

Hopefully, today’s review article has given you sufficient information to decide whether you should use Spyic for your monitoring activities. Before deciding on whether it’s the best one for you, remember to conduct sufficient research and check out customer reviews online to decide what others are saying about it.

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