Hoverwatch Review 2021 : Is It Worth the Money?

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If you’ve read any of the other spy app reviews on our site, you’ve probably realised that virtually all of them function in the same manner. They remotely harvest data from the target device and display it in your account. Text data is exposed as text, while images or videos are revealed as photographs or videos.

This is the standard operating procedure for all spy apps. Hoverwatch, on the other hand, wowed us by using a unique tracking method. When using the Hoverwatch app, you must rely solely on pictures to follow the majority of your children’s or partner’s activities.

Today’s parents don’t have nearly as much influence over their children as they think. Your adolescent may associate with the wrong crowd or claim that they must go to the library and spend time with pals instead. The majority of spy apps that you may use take up a lot of storage space on your phone and come with a background app. It’s simple for youngsters to notice that you’re following them around, and they can find out how to disable the programme. When they go out, they may even leave their phones at home.

Hoverwatch is one of the most well-known surveillance apps, and claims to collect screenshots of all applications used on the target phone on a regular basis. So that you are always aware of what is going on with your children or spouse’s cell phone as it provides access to the target that you set.

This product includes an app for use on a phone that allows you to access information about the target phone from a computer or another device that is linked to the mobile phone. You can see how well this software works and if it can meet all of your tracking needs by reading our Hoverwatch review.

Hoverwatch Reviews – Company background

Hoverwatch, which was formed in 2002, provides monitoring solutions for employee monitoring and parental control remedies to clients all over the world. They stated that in the years they’ve been in business, their goods have been installed on more than 12 million computers in 196 countries across the world.

They appear to have attracted a sizable market based only on their corporate and company clientele. Small businesses to major corporations in the financial and industrial sectors are among its clients.
Hoverwatch intended to develop dependable and feature-rich staff monitoring solutions for businesses. Employees that have a history of selling corporate secrets and intellectual property to rivals. Hoverwatch was created to keep an eye on these types of personnel and enforce regulations by watching rather than filtering or forbidding them from doing so.

How can you use Hoverwatch app?

It’s simple to utilise Hoverwatch as a tracking system since you just need to perform three things. The first step is to create a free account, which you can do on the internet. You must use a password that you can remember and an email address that you can readily access. You may join up for the service and download the Hoverwatch app to each phone you wish to track after you have a free account. Hoverwatch operates in the background so silently that most people won’t even notice you’ve installed it on their phones.

Log into your account on any computer or device after installing the app. This method has the advantage of being accessible from anywhere as long as you provide the correct email address and password. It records everything a user does with a cell phone, including phone conversations, text messages, and photos. You may also utilise the phone’s GPS to find out where the individual is at any given time. You may also read messages received via Facebook and other applications using Hoverwatch. It not only displays the messages that have been exchanged, but also photos and videos.

Where can you use Hover Spy App?

No one wants to believe that someone they care about is a cheater, but infidelity is a major cause of breakups and divorces in many marriages. A cheating spouse might make you feel awful about yourself, but your partner can try to turn the tables on you as well. Instead of confessing to cheating, they would accuse you of being insane or even cheating. Hoverwatch allows you to obtain the evidence you want to prove that someone is a cheater. It can also provide you peace of mind by reassuring you that your partner is not a cheater or a liar.

Hoverwatch is also beneficial to parents, particularly those with adolescent children. Kids as young as 12 can start drinking and smoking or hang out with the wrong crowd, resulting in pregnancy or arrest. You never know if your children are being truthful about their whereabouts and activities. You can follow them with Hoverwatch without them knowing. You can monitor their internet activities, including who they chat to, the messages they send, and where they travel. Nowadays, kids are more likely to use their cellphones than their laptops. You can observe everything they do with their phones with Hoverwatch.

Who is Hoverwatch for?

Hoverwatch is an Android application that allows users to spy on and monitor others. Most people suggest it to parents who are concerned about their children being bullied by others. Bullying is a severe issue that may cause despair in your children and make them want to stay home from school. They may be bullied as a result of their friends ganging up on them for reasons beyond their control, such as tripping in the corridor or earning a good mark on an assignment. Though some refer to it as a spy software, it’s actually more of a tracking programme that provides you greater control.

Hoverwatch is an Android software that lets you spy on and monitor other people. Most parents who are concerned about their children being bullied by others recommend it. Bullying is a serious problem that may make your children depressed and make them want to stay home from school. They may be bullied by their peers for causes beyond their control, such as stumbling in the corridor or getting a good grade on an assignment. Though it’s sometimes referred to as spy software, it’s more of a tracking application that gives you more control.

OS compatibility

Hoverwatch is available for Android smartphones running OS 4 and above and is compatible with them. It’s also compatible with the most recent iPhone and iPad models, and it runs on the most recent operating system.

Hoverwatch is accessible and compatible with Windows OS 7 and all Windows Vista-based PCs if you want to track computers. Hoverwatch is also compatible with Mac devices running iOS X versions 10.9 Mavericks through 10.11 Yosemite.

Bondic’s creators have also included a carrying bag to make things even simpler for you. This case resembles those used to store designer pens and is large enough to house all of the components. The enclosure allows you to keep all of the pieces together for future maintenance.

App features

For a mid-level monitoring app, Hoverwatch offers a wide range of functions. Though it has a lot of great features, keep in mind that not all of them are available on all devices (phone, tablets, and computers). The packages also come with a variety of options for features. So think about which bundle best suits your needs.

Here are some of the things that Hoverwatch has to offer if you decide to use it.

Track calls and texts

You can follow your target device’s messages and calls, much like its surveillance peers like Spyzie. You may follow the target’s text messages and see all of the information he or she sends and receives. Read the messages, figure out who the receivers are, and figure out when the texts were sent out, which is the time stamp.

Keep track of the calls made on the target’s phone with the call recording function available on this app. All incoming and outgoing calls on the target device are recorded online. After you’ve recorded the calls, you may always listen to them again for future reference. You may even find out who the callers are and when they call.

Other than the basic call recording function, Hoverwatch’s software also keeps track of every incoming, outgoing, and even missed calls. On the Android-based target devices, this includes missed calls and other basic call logs.

Among its surveillance applications, Hoverwatch is said to have one of the greatest call recording functions. Calls should be recorded and saved to your online account.

Tracks social media

Hoverwatch appears to provide a small number of social media tracking options. On your target device, it may only be possible to track a certain amount of social media use. It does, however, allow you to keep better track of the texts and calls made on such apps. The majority of social networking applications enable users to make and receive phone calls and messages.

If you’re still worried about its capacity to follow social media activity, you can relax. Messenger applications account for the majority of app usage. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SnapChat, and Viber all allow you to trace calls and messages.

You may see chat logs, store audio files, movies, and images sent and received from the app on those applications. You don’t have to be concerned if your employees aren’t utilising their work gadgets to communicate with pals or keep up with the newest Hollywood news. You also don’t have to be concerned about them selling confidential corporate information to your rivals.

You may use this tool to capture your children and workers in the act. They won’t even realise you’re following them.

Track GPS location

Hoverwatch is another surveillance software that lets you follow your target device’s GPS position. It was designed to gather information about the position of the target device via location tracking.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this spy tool is that it still allows you to track the target device even if the user has disabled the GPS and Wi-Fi. With the aid of recognised cell phone towers, the programme can pinpoint the location of the target without Wi-Fi. All of this is done in secret and may be done in private with your online account on your mobile phone.

Online, you may track your target devices on a comprehensive map. Even if standard GPS trackers aren’t accessible, you can figure out where they are. At the same time, you can view all phone location data straight from the control panel of your spy app, which comes with the package when you subscribe to it.

Camera tracking

This is perhaps one of our favourite aspects of this monitoring software. When a user opens the screen of their Android devices, you may snap a photo or a picture with this function.

You can take a photo when your target swipes and unlocks his or her phone screen. After some time has passed, the programme will capture a photo using the front camera. The camera is set to concealed mode for this shot.

You can access all screenshots on your internet account once you’ve taken a camera shot. Basically, you may locate it in your control panel. There will be a record of everything.

Screenshot tracking

With all that has been mentioned about being able to surreptitiously capture photographs on your target device, you can also track the screenshots that have been taken and saved on the target device. On Android devices, the programme generates a series of screenshots every time your target does something with the phone.

The screenshots will be stored to the user panel, which you may view from your desktop. Essentially, the programme records the exact image that the user viewed when using the gadget. The data will be kept in the cloud and accessible from any internet-connected device.

Secretly take screenshots of your Android device. On your online account, you may keep track of all recorded data and screenshots taken on Android devices. You can even examine screenshots for individual social media messengers.

Sim card tracking

This monitoring programme, Hoverwatch, allows you to keep track of all data acquired on the gadget. This includes tracking sim cards. You will be notified whenever your target changes his or her sim card on their devices. After then, your spy programme will continue to function normally.

Your surveillance programme, on the other hand, records the phone number of the replacement sim card. On your online account, you may keep track of all recorded data and old and new SIM cards. You may use this sim tracker function to keep track of any sim card changes.

Even after switching sim cards, the location of recorded calls, texts, and screenshots may be detected. You won’t be missing out on anything.

Web browser tracking

Yes, you can monitor the activity of your target device’s browser. Hoverwatch records information about your target’s website activity. In fact, among its rivals, Hoverwatch has one of the finest web search trackers.

View the browser activity on the device you’ve chosen. Check their online history to see which websites are the most popular with your target. You can even go back in time and look at the erased history.

To-do-list tracking

Hoverwatch saves all notes and to-do lists on the target device, as small as this function may be. Even the notes and to-do lists jotted down in the calendar and preserved. This surveillance tool captures all of the entire agendas on the target device, including plans, appointments, and reminders.

You can monitor deleted to-do lists and any previous lists in the same way that you can track web browsers. These lists may be tracked online using your control panel.

Stealth mode

It’s basically a concealed device tracker in stealth mode. Hoverwatch is a fully undetectable covert cell phone monitoring software. The users of the targeted Android smartphones would be completely unaware that they are being tracked.

Having said that, you may opt to enable or disable the invisible mode throughout the installation process. After downloading Hoverwatch, just select the option to “activate an invisible mode on the device.”

Your target will be unable to see or detect the app icon after you have selected that option. Finding the hidden phone tracker on their Android handsets will become nearly difficult.

How to install Hoverwatch

Only once the app has been installed correctly on the target device can the partner be tracked successfully. There are also certain procedures that must be done on your device. So, let’s take a closer look at how to set up and install Hoverwatch on both devices.

Setting up your device

To begin, use your smartphone to navigate to the official Hoverwatch website and select the Sign up free option in the upper right corner.

After accepting the app’s terms of service, enter your email and password for your Hoverwatch account and hit Sign up free.

Now, pick a strategy that fits your budget and adheres to your tracking goal. Before paying money on Hoverwatch, you can also try it out for free. The app offers a 3-day free trial to let you determine whether Hoverwatch is right for you.

Setting up target device

Your device is now ready to track the target phone after following these three easy steps. However, the Hoverwatch software still has to be installed on the target device.

On the Dashboard of your Hoverwatch account, you’ll see a link to download the app. Type the URL into the target phone’s browser and hit enter to download the app. Then, on the target device, install the app and launch it once it’s done.

Hoverwatch will ask you who you wish to use their service to monitor. Select My child’s gadget as your response. Tap on Employee device if you want to keep track of which of your workers are utilising the service. If you want Hoverwatch to operate in hidden mode, be sure you select the option that says Hide Hoverwatch icon. After that, press OK.

On the following page, you must accept the Hoverwatch app’s legal terms. Check the box that says, “I have read and understand the terms,” and then press the I ACCEPT button.

Then, by ticking the boxes next to the various things, pick the programmes you want to monitor on the target device and click OK. For full device monitoring, we recommend that you tick all of the boxes.

Then, using the same credentials that you used to sign up for Hoverwatch on your smartphone, log in to the app.

Certain permissions must be granted to Hoverwatch in order for the monitoring of the partner’s smartphone to be successful. Location, contacts, calls, and photographs, among other things, are among the rights granted. To grant those rights, tap ALLOW.

It’s time to provide some more rights, such as taking screenshots and unlocking selfies, enabling user data access, and turning off app notifications. Simply tapping on YES will provide these rights. Lastly, the target device may now be remotely tracked via your Hoverwatch portal on your smartphone now that the software has been installed.

Hoverwatch pricing

Before we go into the Hoverwatch plans and pricing, we’d like to remind you about the Hoverwatch 3-day free trial. It’s important to make sure the app works for you by testing it. If Hoverwatch’s performance in these three days has pleased you, choose one of the plans listed below.

Customers of the Hoverwatch app can choose from three different plans. Choose the one that you believe will keep your partner or child safe. If you want to use Hoverwatch to protect your business by keeping an eye on your staff, you can do so as well.

The Personal plan is for parents who just have one child to keep track of. It’s also an excellent choice for spying on your spouse, given the subscription only allows for one device.

The monthly fee for the personal plan is $24.95 per month. However, picking the 3 or 12 month package will save you a lot of money.

If you have more than one child, the Professional plan will be the best option. You may keep track of up to five devices here. The package costs $49.95 per month, but you may save a lot of money if you sign up for three or twelve months.

The business plan is the last one. This one is specifically meant to guarantee that staff are not engaging in activities that the firm does not approve of.

The corporate plan costs $149.95 per month and allows for up to 25 devices to be tracked. Choosing the 3 months or 12 months plan will cost the same as the other ones.

Conclusion – Hoverwatch the “spy app”?

Hoverwatch is a monitoring app created specifically for companies. It includes packages intended to track up to 25 workers, which is perfect for small to medium enterprises, as you can see. Aside from that, Hoverwatch has had a history of bugs. Users have complained that their customer care service takes a long time to respond to them with answers to their problems.

Some consumers have claimed that, despite the fact that Hoverwatch takes credit cards, their payments are not processed. When you’re ready to make a payment, update the nation you’re in. You can also apply for a different payment method by following the procedures on their website. In the worst-case situation, you’ll have to contact their customer service.

Hoverwatch may not appear to be the greatest surveillance software or even a top espionage app. Hoverwatch appears to be able to hold its own as a surveillance or spy app. It has a few tiny problems here and there, but for an intermediate-level espionage programme, it’s fine.

It is also important to know that you need to have physical access to the target phone to be able to install it. However, after installing it, you can definitely monitor on target device without physical access to it.

Hoverwatch is one of the best surveillance app on the market. We hope this Hoverwatch review article can help you to make a decision on whether it is what you need or not.

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