Highster Mobile Review: Does It Work In 2021?

Susan Kennedy

Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Whether you’re young or a grandma, everyone is sure to have a smartphone right with them all the time. While smartphones open up a whole new world of possibilities, users are also vulnerable to cyberbullying, scams, and all kinds of predators online. This is why many parents are concerned for their children and would like to keep tabs on their smartphone activities. Employers may also want to check on their employee productivity during working hours.

This is where mobile spy apps step in to help you out. One such application is the Highster Mobile. This is a convenient app program designed for cell phone tracking. It is popular for its stealth camera and calls recording features that suspicious users can take complete advantage of in keeping their children or intellectual properties safe.

But is Highster Mobile the right monitoring app for you? If not, we have suggested variety of iPhone secret spy apps for you to ensure you can keep track on what your targeted phone came across.

However, we will be conducting a Highster Mobile review to outline all its features as well as the pros and cons of using it in today’s article.

What is Highster Mobile?

Highster Mobile is a powerful monitoring software designed to help users track everything that’s going on in the target phone. The app is geared towards iOS and Android products and comes packed with a host of features to make it extremely easy to monitor the target device.

With Highster Mobile, you’ll have total access to access everything in the target device, including phone calls, text messages, and even locations. The app was designed by a team of experts in New York City with the hopes of helping out parents protect their children from online dangers. Another party that can benefit from the Highster Mobile App is employers as they can use it to monitor what their workers do during office hours.

How Does Highster Mobile Work

The Highster Mobile app works by using the microphone and recording feature on the target phone to record calls and smartphone activity before uploading all collected information to a personal online Control Panel that users have full access to. The information uploaded can be accessed and viewed from any browser, as long as the device is connected to the internet. All you need to do is key in your login details and you’ll have all the info displayed neatly on the dashboard.

To use this mobile spy app, you’ll need to first purchase a subscription plan and have it installed on your target device. Once it’s up and running, you’ll be able to enjoy the following features:

Tracking Text Messages

With texting being one of the most popular forms of communication, Highster Mobile offers you complete access to all incoming and outgoing SMS activity on your target phone. This allows you to get text messages from another phone sent. With this, you can easily monitor outgoing and incoming text messages, including videos and photos sent. You don’t even need to worry about your target deleting the message as Highster Mobile has it backed up in their server already.

Call Log Monitoring

Obviously, you can get a lot of information about a person from their call log. This spy app has a call log tracking feature that records all incoming and outgoing calls along with the date and timestamp. Highster Mobile even reveals the number of calls and the duration of each phone call. What’s most impressive is that the spy app lets you record all calls to listen to later.

Multimedia Monitoring

Another interesting feature is the multi-media tracking function that gives you access to all the photos and videos saved on your target phone. This includes all photos and videos taken with the target phone’s camera and received from others, and they can all be easily viewed on the control panel. All media also include time, date stamps, and even geolocation information.

GPS Location Tracking

The Highster Mobile spy app uses high-tech GPS technology to accurately pinpoint your target phone’s location. With the GPS tracking feature, you can always know the real-time location of the person being tracked. The location is even overlaid on Google Maps on your control panel for you to easily identify their location. The spy app also gives you the location history of the target phone, so you can track where and when the target person was at.

Access to Contact List and Email Information

Highster Mobile gives you complete access to all the contact information stored on the target phone including the address, email address, names, and any other details saved. On top of that, the user can even view all incoming and outgoing emails. The emails are saved remotely so you can still view any deleted emails. Other information such as senders and recipients of the email will also be available.

Social Media and Instant Messaging Monitoring

It is undeniable that social media and instant messaging play a big role in our daily communication, and Highster Mobile makes sure that that aspect is also well-monitored. The app allows you to monitor across different social media and instant messaging platforms. You can also keep an eye on their online activities on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, to use this feature on Android phones, you’re going to need physical access to the target phone and root the device.

Browser History

Users can also check out all the websites visited on the target device, including the dates and times when the websites were visited. You also get to see a list of bookmarked websites on the target phone.

Keyword Notifications

This is probably one of the best features of the Highster Mobile spy app. The app will instantly notify you when it detects any specific words being used on the target device. You get to easily set these keywords on your dashboard.

Remote Camera Activation

The Highster Mobile app lets you know what’s happening around your target by letting you activate the target phone camera remotely. This feature lets you activate the camera and take pictures of its surroundings without the target person even knowing. The photos taken won’t be stored on the cell phone but instead get uploaded directly onto the Control Panel.

Live Microphone Activation

Aside from camera activation, Highster Mobile even lets you switch on the microphone to turn the target phone into an active room bug. This essentially makes it possible for you to eavesdrop on your target any time you want since many people carry their phones with them everywhere they go.

Monitoring List of Installed Apps

This cell phone spy software will give you a list of all the apps installed and running on the target cell phone. It even integrates features of parental control software by allowing you to block installation and access to specific apps.

Highster Mobile Control Panel

Understanding and using technology can be hard sometimes, especially if you’re not as tech-savvy. Fortunately, Highster Mobile understands this and has designed a dashboard with a user-friendly interface. The phone monitoring software features an easy-to-use live Control Panel that contains all the information and details collected from your target device. It also has a tab for you to change settings, log displays, and more. The live dashboard can be used on any web browser on any device such as desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones of your choice.

Highster Mobile Packages

The mobile spying app currently offers 2 subscription plans that need to be paid upfront. It isn’t a monthly subscription package and you’ll only need to make a one-time payment to begin spying.

  • Basic Edition – $29.99
  • Pro Edition – $69.99

Highster Mobile Installation

Before we proceed any further, it is important for us to mention that the target phone you want to monitor should have an up-to-date operating system installed. This is because you may run the risk of the Highster Mobile app being unintentionally deleted when the target upgrades to the latest version of the operating system.

Highster Mobile Compatibility

Below is a list of system requirements in order to successfully install the app.

Android System: Android 3+ and all iOS versions.

Model: All Android models from major manufactures and iPhone 5+ onwards

Access Requirements (Android): Physical access is required once for installation.

Access Requirements (iPhone): Physical access is only required for the non-jailbreak version.

Installation Instructions

First, you’re going to need to subscribe to a package. Once you’ve made the payment, Highster Mobile will send you an email containing all the information you need to download and use the app. To install the app, you will need to have physical access to the target phone long enough to complete the installation.

Within the email, there will be an activation link that directs you to a page with the installation instructions. Type the activation link into the target device’s web browser to initiate the download. Once the link is accessed, you will need to enter a license key which can be found from the email that Highster Mobile sent you. Once you’ve activated the software on the phone, you won’t need physical access to it again unless you want to reinstall it.

The Highster Mobile app will remain completely hidden from the view of anyone who uses the target device so that they will not be aware of your cell phone monitoring efforts. All the data collected from the phone will be immediately uploaded to the live dashboard where you can view it on any desktop, phone, or tablet.

Uninstalling Instructions

When you find that you don’t need to monitor the target anymore, you can easily uninstall Highster Mobile remotely. All you need to do is:

Step 1: Go to your online dashboard, go to the “Settings” tab and click on “Uninstall Code”.

Step 2: Highster Mobile will send you a code which you will then need to text to the target device as SMS to initiate the uninstallation process.

Customer Service

Unfortunately, there are mixed reviews for Highster Mobile’s customer support. The Highster Mobile troubleshooting team can be contacted via emails and phone calls. The app even has a direct customer support line where you can call whenever you need assistance. However, there have been many users who commented that the phone number leads to a voicemail box and they don’t receive a reply for their emails.

Final Thoughts – Is it Worth Buying?

Highster Mobile is a great choice for parents who want to monitor their children without forking out too much since the basic version of Highster Mobile is a one-time purchase of $29.99. However, do take note that the basic version has limited monitoring features. To take full advantage of the app, you’re going to need to opt for the Pro Edition.

However, Highster Mobile does have its drawbacks and we find that the lack of a free trial and not-so-good customer support to be possibly a dealbreaker for some. Aside from that, this mobile spying app not only offers amazing features, but it is super easy to use.

Overall, the app is an excellent monitoring tool for parents and employers. With its powerful features, affordability, and a one-time payment fee, this is definitely a monitoring app worth considering. We hope today’s Highster Mobile Review article has given you enough information to decide whether Highster Mobile is the best choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install the app?

The average time it takes to install the app is under 10 minutes. The installation process is very simple and straightforward.

Can I install Highster Mobile remotely?

Yes, you can install Highster Mobile remotely but this feature is only available for the non-jailbreak version for iPhone users. All you need is to get the target device’s Apple iCloud login ID and password to begin spying.

Is Highster Mobile legit?

Yes, Highster Mobile is legitimate. Spy software can be legally used if:

  1. You’re monitoring your children under 18 years of age
  2. You’re monitoring your own device.
  3. The monitored person is aware and agrees to it.

Is the Highster app detectable?

No, the spy software is completely undetectable upon installation. Once it’s installed, the app will automatically disappear from the target device without alerting your target.

How do I access the recorded data?

You can quickly access the recorded data on your phone, tablet, or PC via the live Control Panel. All you need is to make sure your device is connected to the internet.

Is customer support available?

Yes, according to Highster Mobile reviews, customer support is available 24/7. However, some comments are questioning their reliability. So it may not be the right choice if you’re looking for quick answers.

Is the target phone’s telephone number required for the installation?

No, you don’t need the target phone’s telephone number to install the app. You only need physical access to the device once to install the app before you can begin monitoring everything from your browser.

Does the target phone require a connection to the internet?

Yes, the phone will need a connection to the internet as the app will need to upload and sync the details of the device into the company’s cloud server.

How many devices can the software track?

The app offers a single active license key for a single purchase which lets you track one device. However, you can also purchase more license keys to track as many devices as you want.

Will I have to renew my license after a year?

Unlike other spy apps, Highster is a one-fee product that lets you use the app on the phone or tablet forever.

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