Flexispy Review 2021: Real And Honest Analysis

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More and more people rely on the internet in their daily lives and it is not practical to deprive your kids of today’s technology. However, the internet itself brings a lot of potential harm targeted at children. This is why internet security and monitoring are important for concerned parents to ensure that their children are responsibly and safely using the internet.

Among the monitoring solutions available is FlexiSpy that happens to be a leading and also one of the most expensive spy software on the market. With such a high price tag, many may wonder what exactly sets it apart from the rest, and is the Flexispy app worth the money?

Today we will be answering all your questions with this Flexispy review article. We will discuss in detail the company’s background, software compatibility, app features, package prices, and more to help you decide whether FlexiSpy is the one for you.

What is FlexiSpy?

FlexiSpy was incorporated in 2006 to provide parents and employers quality monitoring services on the internal storage of older non-smartphones, Android devices, iPhones, and computers. However, as technology improves, so did Flexispy and now helps many users track SMS, calls, GPS location, instant messages from social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, KiK, Viber, etc, and even other internal storage components of the target cell phone.

The company designs, develops, and supports all of its products with its own in-house experts. With this, the company is able to stand behind all of its products with top-quality customer services, extensive documentation, and an unmatched refund policy.

Flexispy Device Compatibility

It is pointless to spend money on a spy app that doesn’t work on your target device. That is why you need to check an app’s compatibility before subscribing to a package. FlexiSpy supports both Android and iOS devices and even computers.

FlexiSpy for Android

Android has the biggest share in the cell phone industry and it’s not surprising to see Flexispy supporting Android devices. In fact, Flexispy is able to support from one of the oldest versions of Android – the OS 4.0.3 right to the latest version 10. Those with an older model of Android can rest assured that Flexispy has got your back.

FlexiSpy for iOS

Flexispy is not only available for Android devices, but it also works for iOS devices. The spy app can support iOS version 6.0 to 13.x. This is applicable to both iPhones and iPad devices. However, spying on iOS devices may not be as straightforward as on Android devices. The new Apple policy makes it compulsory for all their devices to enable 2FA which renders many spy apps useless.

Now, if you try to use the non-jailbreak iCloud solution, the iOS device will immediately trigger a password reset whenever it detects the spy services attempting to access the iCloud account. This not only blows your cover but makes it impossible to track the target phone. So, if you want to track an iOS phone successfully, you need to make sure that the target phone is jailbroken.


Flexispy is not just useful for mobile phones and tablets, they let you keep track and spy on computers as well. Flexispy is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. The spy app also works amazingly on macOS devices by supporting older versions like macOS Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave.

Flexispy Express

Those who are not so tech-savvy or just don’t want to spend too much time installing the spy app can opt for the FlexiSpy Express service. Flexispy lets you order a brand new smartphone with the FlexiSpy app pre-installed. This is a great choice for those who have not purchased a cell phone for their child yet.

Some of the devices that FlexiSpy offers include iPhone X, Xiaomi Mi A3, Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, Samsung Galaxy S9+, and Samsung Galaxy 9. Furthermore, all the devices come with a one-year warranty to save you any potential headaches.

How to Get Started

Being suspicious on your spouse? Here are some suggestions on how to find out if someone is cheating.

To begin spying, you’re going to need to install the app onto the target device. The installation process and setup may not be the easiest of tasks and we have listed out the general steps to guide you through.

Setting Up Your Device

Step 1. You will need to subscribe to a package before you can begin using Flexispy. To do that, you’ll need to visit the FlexiSpy site with your own device and click on the Buy Now option.

Step 2. Select the plan that suits your budget and purpose and head to the payment page to confirm your purchase.

Step 3. After payment, Flexispy will email you your FlexiSpy portal/dashboard URL and login credentials to sign up for FlexiSpy.

Now you’re all set on your device.

Setting up the Target Device

Now you’re going to install the app on your target device. Unfortunately, you’re going to need physical access to the phone to begin the installation.

Step 1. Toggle off the Play Protect option on the target phone. This is necessary to prevent any pop-up or the device from blocking you from installing unknown apps. To toggle off Play Protect, you’ll need to go to Play Store > Systems Icon > Play Protect > Settings icon > Toggle off Scan apps with Play Protect and enable installation of apps from Unknown Sources.

Step 2. Go to the application download link provided in the email and tap on the box that says “I am a customer and I have a license code”.

Step 3. Click on View all software.

Step 4. Select the type of device your target phone is. Whether it is Android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry.

Step 5. FlexiSpy app will begin downloading and you’ll need to install the service once it’s downloaded.

Step 6. Accept the license agreement and activate the device administrator in the next step.

Step 7. Allow the app to run in the background and type in the license key provided in the email and tap on Activate.

Step 8. The target phone will ask you for certain permissions such as access to location, contacts, reading MMS records, call history, etc. You will need to tap Allow to give those permissions.

Step 9. In this step, Flexispy will let you choose between hiding the app or keeping the icon. If you want to track the target phone without letting the person know, then you should tap Yes to hide the app.

Now you’ve completed the setup and you can easily track the activities on the target phone. All you need to do is enter the Flexispy portal and key in your username and password to begin.

FlexiSpy Features

FlexiSpy is the most feature-rich with plenty of advanced features to do a lot of things. If you’re looking for all-rounded spy software that’s easy to use, then this might just be the best choice.

Phone Call Tracking and Recording

Call tracking is a common feature among spy apps but Flexispy takes things further by allowing you to record and intercept live calls. The recording feature is even extended to calls made on other apps like Facebook, Hangouts, LINE, Skype, Viber, and Whatsapp. The spy software gives you all the call logs on your target phone. All calls are recorded and saved to the online dashboard for you to check at a later time.

Environment Recording

This is one of the most striking features of Flexispy as it lets you turn the target phone into a surveillance device by activating the mic, front and back camera of the device. This lets you know where and what exactly is happening around the phone.

Website Blocking and Filtering

In addition to tracking your target’s browser activities, Flexispy lets you block and filter a number of websites that are considered inappropriate. Parents can restrict kids from indulging in unsuitable activities and any potential cyber threats.

Keyword Alerts

Flexispy can detect certain keywords on the phone in your keywords list like “porn”, “drugs”, “rape”, etc. Once the keywords appear on the phone, Flexispy will send you an immediate notification so that you are fully aware and notified.

GPS Location Tracking and Geo-fencing

Flexispy software has a promising location tracking feature that will maintain a log of the target user’s movement throughout the day. On top of that, you can even set up “safe zones” in a map with the geo-fencing feature to allocate allowed and forbidden visiting zones. The app will instantly notify you if the target wanders out of the safe zone.

Social Media Apps Monitoring

The app’s ability to monitor social networking apps is one of the most promising features of Flexispy. Not only will Flexispy give you access to text messages, but you’re also able to see all the images and videos shared over the network. Flexispy allows you to listen to any voice notes, VoIP, and video calls in real-time. In case you can’t get to it now, you can also record them and save them for later.

Internal Storage Tracking

The spy app can track and monitor the entire internal storage of the phone or computer. This includes information on contacts, calendars, appointments, photos, and videos saved on the device. The spy app can also give you access to browsing history, bookmarks, and other browser functions to help identify the pattern of activities on the phone.

FlexiSpy Review Pricing and Packages

Flexispy packages are the same across all devices, regardless of whether you want to download and install it on an Android, iPhone, iPad, or desktop computer. That being said, not every package is available for every platform and they all have different numbers of features. Flexispy has three different packages: Flexispy Lite Package, Flexispy Premium Package, and Flexispy Extreme Package.


Flexispy Lite Package

  • 1-month: $29.95

Flexispy Premium Package

  • 1-month: $68.00
  • 3-months: $99.00
  • 12-months: $149.00

Flexispy Extreme Package

  • 3-months: $199.00
  • 12-months: $349.00

While Flexispy Extreme Package is more than twice the cost of their Premium package, it comes with functionality that you won’t be able to find with any other product. The Flexispy Extreme is the best choice if you’re looking for a premium plan that gives you call interception, phone call recording, and ambient noise recording.

Customer Support

If you’re worried about any technical difficulties, fret not as Flexispy has 24/7 customer support in place for you. All customers can contact their support center via their main website or live webchat. You can also call them at their customer support phone number listed on their website to help you out with any questions. However, you may need to wait in line or queue for your turn to chat with a customer support officer, especially during busy days.

In addition to their live technical support, customers will also have access to the online knowledge base on their website where you can find solutions to common problems. Flexispy does a great job of providing step-by-step instructions on how to solve the issues.

Is Flexispy Legal?

While the Flexispy software itself is legal, you should check your local laws about spying, privacy, and stalking. Different countries will have different laws on such situations and it’s not safe for you to assume that it’s legal in other regions. However, generally, spy software can be legally used for the following:

  1. You’re monitoring your children under 18 years of age
  2. You’re monitoring your own device.
  3. The monitored person is aware and agrees to it.

Wrapping Up FlexiSpy Review

After going through the features and services that Flexispy offers, there’s simply no doubt that this is a great spy software to keep track of your target. If you require a comprehensive monitoring package with advanced features that can work across different types of devices, then Flexispy will make a great app for you. We hope the Flexispy review today has given you enough insight and details to figure out if this is the right choice for your needs.

Is FlexiSpy Suitable to Spy on Snapchat?

Yes, definitely! But FlexiSpy is consider slightly a little more expensive for the same value given in some other spy apps. Since Snapchat is one of the most popular apps among children due to the self-destruct in few seconds, parents who want to monitor the snapchat activities of their children are encouraged to check out the best spy apps for snapchat. In this article, we have summarized the best method to monitor your child to avoid tragedy from happening before it’s too late.

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