8 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission in 2021

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Are you often worried about your child’s whereabouts? Or, maybe you just want to secretly track a phone without letting your kids know? Whatever your reason for tracking a phone is, we have compiled a full list of the best phone tracker app without permission that you can use to monitor a person at any given moment. Among the recommendations below, you may also find out which is the best location tracker app without permission out of all the available options.

While your first instinct might be to download an application from your phone’s Play Store or App Store, it might not really be a good idea. These apps are good at providing someone’s location, but they fail miserably at the “without permission” part. This is why you need to read this guide to find the top 8 apps you can use to check out someone’s location accurately and secretly.

If you want to know someone’s whereabouts, read their messages, or even record calls from your mobile in a quick way, then read the top undetectable android spy app available online for you to check up on your children.


How Can I Track a Phone Without Them Knowing?

Spying on smartphone is super easy with hidden iPhone tracking apps on the market. You will only need physical access to the device once to install the app to begin monitoring all their smartphone activities without the phone on hand. You also get to do all this secretly thanks to the stealth mode that lets the app run hidden in the background so as to not alert the target of your spying activities. 

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

1. mSpy

mSpy is not only the best phone tracker app without permission to install onto your target phone, but it is also a great complete GPS location tracker app known for its exceptional performance. It is a brand of software that serves to monitor parental control of phones, computers, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Androids, and macOS. With this application, you can have a record of what the person does.

Although this best phone tracker app without permission is mainly advertised as a parental control app, mSpy app features tracking capability that’s very accurate. mSpy app gives a map view of all the past locations the target device was gone to. Thus, if you are worried that your spouse is cheating on you, it is also a spyware for cheating spouse.


Basic version costs $29.99 per month
Premium version costs $69.99 per month.


  1. Real-time updates of the target device’s locations
  2. Compatible on multiple platforms (Androids or iOS)
  3. Easy access to the target device secretly
  4. Offers a great balance of advanced features and price


  1. Limited features for the basic version
  2. Customer support could be better

2. Spyic

Next on our list is one of the best phone tracker apps without permission to help you keep track of a phone without them knowing. Spyic is an amazing tracking solution for both Android phones as well as iPhones. And since it is a web application, you can use it directly from a website browser without needing to download anything.

Aside from using this best phone tracker app without permission to find out someone’s phone location, you can also learn about their movements, check-ins, and the places they’ve previously visited. The cell phone tracking software features a geofencing function that allows you to set boundaries on the person’s location on virtual maps. Once the best phone tracker app without permission detects that they’ve crossed these boundaries, you’ll get an immediate alert.


  1. Simple and intuitive app design for Android and iOS devices
  2. Easily accessible photos & videos stored on the target phone
  3. Properly functioning Keylogger feature
  4. Easy access to calendar activities


  1. Location and website browsing history functionalities may not work properly sometimes
  2. Videos could not be downloaded

3. Spyzie

If you want a reliable monitoring solution that is excellent for iOS devices and, in turn, is also compatible with any Android device. In itself, with this, you will not have to download any other applications or rely on the Find my iPhone feature. All you need is the help of the iCloud ID of the person you want to spy on.

In the case of locating a person with an Android device, you will have to install a plugin on the device to investigate. You’ll also have to register an account before you can use the applications of this service to see the monitored data of another mobile.

From Spyzie customer reviews, it is recommended to used as parental control as Spyzie can help parents safeguard their children from online abuse and keep them safe.


  1. Lets you figure out your kid’s location without them knowing
  2. Performs excellent on an iPhone


  1. Requires physical access to the smartphone install the application

4. KidsGuard Pro

Regarded as one of the best phone tracker apps without permission that is available for Android and iPhone, KidsGuard Pro has gained a significant popularity among millions of users and media outlets thanks to its accurate results and ease of use. On top of that, the best phone tracker app without permission even comes with a free version for people to track phones without paying monthly subscription fees.

With built-in GPS, KidsGuard Pro is able to easily track phone location in real-time and even show you the past history of wherever they’ve been. The iPhone location tracking solution is even able to spy on the iPhone’s location secretly without installing an app or using the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature.

All you have to do is simply log into your KidsGuard Pro control panel through the website from any web browser. To spy on an Android, you will need physical access to install this complete phone tracker app into the device. All in all, the installation process can be done in 5 minutes. Upon installation, this free phone tracker works in stealth mode in the background without an icon.

To sum up, the KidsGuard Pro free best phone tracker app without permission gives you real-time location tracking without them knowing. Below is a list of the pros and cons of the KidsGuard Pro cell phone tracking app:


  1. Performs in incognito mode to track a phone’s location without permission or knowledge of the cellphone user
  2. Tracks real-time location and current whereabouts along with timestamp and street info on a map
  3. Show location history to give you an insight into the target’s movements
  4. Uses Wi-Fi technology to accurately track indoor location with GPS turned off in devices
  5. Includes more than 30 attractive tracking features such as messages, social media, calls, browsing history, etc.


  1. Spy app does not work or monitor a mobile that is switched off
  2. This best phone tracker app without permission does not offer a free trial

5. FamiGuard

FamiGuard is yet another best free phone tracker app without permission for all to use. The phone location tracking app on the target device mainly emphasizes parental control. This tracker app without permission works through installing the app on the target device and gets GPS location tracking without them knowing.

This best phone tracker app without permission provides a nice intuitive application with built-in GPS that gets updated every few minutes and gives you real-time location tracking of the target device without permission. This track phone app also provides you a location history in the app to locate where your child has been. If parents want to use a simple and free parenting app without them knowing, then this is a good choice for a family.


  1. Tracking the GPS location of the mobile phone in real-time
  2. Ensure 100% accuracy with built-in GPS technology
  3. View location history with time and date stamps
  4. Tracking app dashboard has an intuitive interface that is easy to operate to track a cell phone without permission.


  1. Does not work on iOS devices
  2. App is visible on the target device

6. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is an excellent monitoring app to track a phone location without permission that offers vast tracking capabilities. This is not only the best iPhone monitoring app without permission to download and track a cell phone, but it also works effectively. It keeps a close watch on the target Android phone without them knowing. The app also features an online dashboard for collecting data and letting you track a cell phone location without permission any time, anywhere.


Personal mobile tracker version starts from $24.95/month for a single device
Professional version starts from $49.99/month for 5 devices
Business version starts from $149.85/month for 15 devices


  1. Easy to install the application
  2. User-friendly interface for parents
  3. Provides different editions to meet varying needs to remotely track Android phone without them knowing
  4. Provides other useful monitoring features
  5. Works in stealth mode


  1. GPS tracking is not as accurate as other apps
  2. Designed for Android devices only
  3. Requires you to root Android devices

7. MobileSpy

MobileSpy is the best location tracking app for Android devices. The performance of this app is not only stable, but it is also very effective for you to track the location of a mobile phone user. The GPS tracking app is very powerful and works to allow you to keep a close eye on the target mobile phone’s location and activities. It also has other monitoring features available such as to spy on browser history, text messages, instant social media apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), and more on its control panel.


  1. Easy and effective application to location of target mobile phone
  2. Let’s you locate someone in real-time
  3. Supports map view to determine the location of the target or to find my device


  1. Does not support iOS cell phones. It’s only for Android devices
  2. Works only based on GPS signals of the mobile
  3. Not a very convenient program to analyze the data

8. Google Find My Device

This is another free app from Google that can track a cell phone without permission that’s available to anyone at any time they want. Through this app, you can conveniently track an Android phone without the owner of the phone knowing. All you really have to do is to just download the Google Find My Device app into someone’s device and you’ll be ready to locate where they are.

This Google GPS locator app is recommended for those who want to investigate or track someone else. Among the advanced features of this application is that it is able to activate a signal when the cellphone is missing.

Conclusion – Which is the best application to track someone else?

If, if you’ve been wondering how you can spy on the whereabouts of someone’s phone without permission, then look no further. This article has provided you with all the details you need and even listed down some of the top tracking software recommendations to monitor a device without them knowing.

Considering that each software comes with its respective pros and cons, different people may choose different apps suiting their requirements. We hope today’s article has proven useful in your search for the perfect locating applications to give you exact GPS location remotely when needed and to help you stay on top of your children and partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to spy on a smartphone location while being completely hidden?

Yes, it is possible for you to track a mobile location secretly with an app without permission. All the monitoring software on the list above can accomplish that purpose.

Can I monitor an iPhone without touching it?

Yes, apps like Spyic tracker app lets you monitor an iPhone and its whereabouts without accessing the device.

Can I monitor an Android without touching it?

No, unfortunately, it is not possible for you to spy on an Android mobile without touching it. You need at least a one-time access to the program installation process before you can begin spying.

Do I have to root or jailbreak the mobile for tracking the person secretly?

No, you don’t necessarily have to root your Android or jailbreak your iPhone for location tracking to work. All the software in this list lets you carry out your spying activities without needing to go through the complicated process of rooting or jailbreaking.

How to track a phone without using a software?

If you want to track an iPhone or iPad without installing a software, you can simply go to iCloud.com and locate it from there. But, if you want to do so on an Android and you have a Google account, you can just go to Find My Device.

Can I locate the exact location of a cellphone with just a phone number?

No. While there are a lot of free phone number tracking sites available online, they only provide the approximate position. For accurate location info displayed on the maps, you should go for one of the available software mentioned above.

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