6 Best Catch A Cheater App in 2021

Susan Kennedy

Extensive working hours and frequent business trips can hinder regular communication between couples. The distance and unreceptiveness may cause your partner to start looking for attention elsewhere. Unfortunately, social media and dating apps make it so much easier for anyone to meet new people anywhere and anytime.

Little signs such as a sudden frequency in phone calls and texting could give you valid reasons to suspect your partner is keeping secrets from you. Those who want to avoid direct confrontation or simply want to act before confirming the details can choose to either hire a private investigator or download spy apps to help catch a cheating spouse.

Even if your partner is not cheating on you, these spy apps can help remove any possible doubt and keep your mind at ease. These cell phone spy apps will give you all the information that your partner is keeping from you including deleted call logs and messages for successful surveillance.

Mobile spy apps are not new to the market and there are a ton of different spy apps available for you to choose from regardless if you are an Android users or iPhone users.  Some apps are designed to read text messages while others can help you catch a cheater with features such as tracking GPS location, phone call logs, and instant messaging content. So, which is the best one for you? In today’s guide, we will be reviewing some of the real iPhone spy apps  to help you catch a cheating spouse.

How can I spy on my Cheating Spouses without the Phone

Spying on your partner  is super easy with top spy apps. You only need access to the device once to install the app and after that, you’ll be able to monitor all their smartphone activities and text from another phone without needing the phone on hand. Best of all, this can all be done secretly as the app can be set to stealth mode and will run hidden in the background. This way, your target won’t even know that you’re monitoring them online. 

Best Catch a Cheater App for Android and iOS Devices

1. mSpy

mSpy is a well-known parental control app but they’re also a great spy app to catch your cheating spouse. mSpy offers users a simple and effective way to monitor other people’s text messages without raising any flags. Plus, it is even compatible with multiple devices, including Android, iOS, and PCs.

The phone spy app to catch a cheater even has a geo-fencing feature to help you preset certain “safe zones” for the target cell phone and will instantly notify you if your cheating wife or husband leaves that particular territory. The app will then track the target’s GPS location for you to see where he or she is going. However, GPS tracking data is only available if the cell phone is connected to the internet.

Not only will the app help you check who your partner is on the phone with, it even goes a step further to give you the choice to restrict incoming calls and block calls from unwanted phone numbers. All the information and settings can be managed through your personalized mSpy control panel. The mSpy website even has a demo version for you to experience the app’s dashboard and user interface.

The spy software can also help you keep an eye on SMS messages on the tracked iOS or Android phone. You get access to view every single message sent, received, and even those that were deleted by your partner. The tracker app doesn’t only spy on text messages, but you also have access to instant messages via social media apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts, Line, and Facebook Messenger.

mSpy has excellent customer support that will give you quick and efficient solutions around the clock. Although they have a refund policy, the company gives you a 14-days money-back guarantee free trial for you to decide whether it’s suitable for you. Overall, mSpy is a very comprehensive app to help you spy on your spouse without him or her knowing.


  1. Quick and easy installation.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. A decent number of features without rooting the Android device.
  4. Accurate keylogger function.
  5. Ability to block unnecessary apps.
  6. Geofencing capability.


  1. Can only monitor one target device at a time.
  2. Might take a while to upload new data from the target device to your account.

2. uMobix

uMobix is a new spy app that performs exactly how you’d expect from a spy app designed to help you catch a cheating spouse. Despite being relatively new to the market, it is equipped with all the necessary features to keep track of a cheating lover.

From spying on phone calls to checking messages, contacts, photos, videos, and location, uMobix spy app makes it easier to monitor your spouse’s phone with just one single app. One of their more impressive features is their advanced Keylogging functionality that records every keystroke.

The keylogger feature is found in many other apps as well, however, they do not perform as well as the one in uMobix. uMobix has obviously paid a lot of attention to their keylogging feature as the spy software is able to accurately record each and every keystroke keyed by the target person. The keystrokes are then stored in the server and will appear on the online portal for you to check remotely. In addition to what’s being typed on the device, the monitoring app even reveals the date and time stamp for each keystroke for more detailed tracking.

Understanding how most of us like to communicate via social media, uMobix also does a good job at tracking instant messages sent via platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, Zoom, TikTok, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, etc. The Android and iOS phone spy app even lets users take a screenshot of the target phone from time to time to check up on what they’re doing on the phone and quickly catch a cheating wife or husband.

Most phone spy apps offer web browser history tracking, but they often have a limitation where you’re not able to see what was searched on the incognito tab. Fortunately, the uMobix cheating app offers you access to everything searched under incognito mode. Another great thing is that the company offers its services at an inexpensive price of $39.99 for a 1-month plan. They even have a more economical 12-month plan that costs $89.88.


  1. It Shows messages that were deleted.
  2. Good and reliable keylogger that shows data copied to the clipboard.
  3. Accurate tracking of browsing history on incognito mode.
  4. Good data sync speed.
  5. Allows screenshots on the target device to make tracking even better.


  1. Bookmarks not shown.
  2. Inconsistent social media updates.

3. Spyic

Spyic is one of the best spy apps for catching a cheating spouse. The reliability of the Spyic app is proven by the numerous positive reviews from popular media outlets like Forbes, TechRadar, and PCmag and makes for one of the top spy apps to help you catch a cheater.

The phone spy app to catch a cheater features multiple amazing advanced features that make catching a cheater much easier in every aspect. This app has been relied on by many people all around the world with plenty of success stories in monitoring their loved ones and partners through Spyic’s online dashboard.

The phone spy application sends users all-new message updates including iMessage and calls on the target phone upon installation. One great thing is that Spyic does not just give you updated information but you can also see older messages that are available or synced on the iOS device’s iCloud. However, this only works if the target actually backed up all the data into their iCloud and if you have their login credentials.

The app also helps you catch cheating spouses by tracking their web browser history. You can check which websites your cheating lover has been accessing throughout the day. Other than that, the app also tracks the target’s location with the phone’s GPS functionality for you to know where and when your cheating husband or wife is.

With the increasing reliance on instant messaging, it is important for you to also be able to check what’s going on in your target’s WhatsApp and LINE accounts. Fortunately, Spyic gives you access to all sent and received messages via WhatsApp and LINE for you to check. However, the catch-a-cheater app does not let you keep track of activities on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other platforms.

Spyic comes in three different pricing plans: Premium, Family, and Business to monitor multiple Android and iOS devices. The Premium Plan costs $49.99/r month or $129.99 for 12 months, Family Plan costs $99.99 per month for 5 devices, and the Business Plan is $399.99/month for 25 devices. All-in-all, this app among other spy apps is very affordable especially when it has discounts to help you save a lot of money.


  1. Reveals the list of calls received and made on your account dashboard.
  2. Easy access to calendar events.
  3. Ability to check all the saved contacts on the target phone.
  4. Ability to track the iPhone without jailbreak.


  1. GPS location positioning features are not as accurate.
  2. Unable to download videos from target iPhone.

4. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a powerful monitoring software designed to help users catch a cheater on mobile devices. The spyware was designed for both iOS and Android products and comes packed with a host of features to make it extremely easy to catch a cheating wife or husband. Highster Mobile gives you full access to everything on the phone, including phone calls, text messages, and even GPS locations.

Highster Mobile will track and record all smartphone activity before uploading the collected information to a personal online Control Panel that you have full access to. The information uploaded can be accessed and viewed from any browser that is connected to the internet. All you need to do is key in your login details and all the info will be displayed neatly on the dashboard.

Texting and calling are without a doubt the most popular forms of communication and that is why Highster Mobile offers you complete access to all incoming and outgoing SMS activity and call log on your target’s phone. With this, you can easily monitor outgoing and incoming text messages, including videos and photos sent by the cheater. The phone cheating app even reveals the number of calls and the duration of each phone call. What’s most impressive is that the catch-a-cheater app lets you record all calls to listen later at a convenient time.

The Highster Mobile tracking app uses high-tech GPS technology to accurately pinpoint your cheating spouse’s location so that you can always know their real-time location. The phone tracker also gives you the location history of the target Android and iOS phone, so you can track where and when your partner was at.

It is undeniable that social media and instant messaging play a big role in our daily communication, and Highster Mobile makes sure that that aspect is also well-monitored. The phone tracker monitors across different social media and instant messaging platforms and will even instantly notify you when it detects any specific words being used on the phone such as “let’s meet”, “is your wife/husband home?”, etc.

The Highster Mobile app can remotely activate the phone’s camera and microphone to let you know what’s happening around your target. This feature helps you take pictures of its surroundings and eavesdrop without the person even knowing. The photos taken won’t be stored on the cell phone but instead get uploaded directly onto the Control Panel to not raise any alarms.

The Highster Mobile catch-a-cheating-spouse app currently offers 2 subscription plans that need to be paid upfront. It isn’t a monthly subscription package and you’ll only need to make a one-time payment to begin spying. The Basic Edition costs $29.99 and the Pro Edition is $69.99 only.


  1. The catch-a-cheater app comes packed with quality phone monitoring functionality.
  2. 30-days money-back guarantee.
  3. A one-time payment only to enjoy monitoring forever.
  4. Simple and easy to operate the spyware.


  1. Limited monitoring features.
  2. No live technical support.

5. Cocospy

Just like what you’d expect from an amazing undetectable app to catch a cheater, Cocospy extracts all relevant information/data and even phone calls made before and after installing the monitoring app on the target phone. Whether you want to check messages from someone dear to your partner or spouse, Cocospy will ensure that you stay updated with all the conversation from both sides.

The company understands the importance of getting current locations to help you catch cheating partners and that is why the tracking app keeps you updated on your target’s current location via GPS tracking. The app even shows you recent locations of where your lover was over a specified period of time.

Cocospy also provides browsing history features and social media tracking for you to check everything that has been searched or watched on the mobile browser. However, there have been several reports from others where social media tracking was a disappointment for them as the app did not show the latest updates for WhatsApp.

Nonetheless, the catch-a-cheater app has a Keylogger feature to keep you aware of all the keystrokes performed by your lover on various apps for Android and iPhone. The dashboard is also user-friendly, making it simple for anyone to use. The phone activities of the targeted phone can be tracked once data synchronization is complete. Furthermore, Cocopy even offers no root monitoring solution that will not risk your target’s security when trying to catch your cheating husband or wife.

The app is also very lightweight so you don’t have to worry about the phone facing battery draining issues. Cocospy app comes with three different plans for customers: The Basic plan at $39.99/month, the Premium plan at $49.99/month, and the Family plan at $69.99/month.


  1. User-friendly app with both advanced and basic cell phone spy features.
  2. Helps monitor Android plus iOS devices.
  3. Users can test the app with a live app demo option available on the website.
  4. Not necessary to root or jailbreak the device.
  5. Easy to sign up and use the Android spy app.


  1. Expensive subscription price.
  2. No live chat support available so users cannot contact the support team in real-time.
  3. Does not offer advanced cell phone spying features like call recording, screenshot capturing, keylogging, etc.

6. Spyera

The catch-a-cheater app offers flexible features to make it a versatile mobile tracking app that you can use for monitoring your spouse etc without rooting the phone. Along with the typical features like call tracking, social media tracking, web history, contact list, messages, videos, photos, keylogger, location tracking, etc, Spyera lets you take advantage of some advanced features for a more complete monitoring experience.

Spyera’s app Call Recording feature lets you eavesdrop on a live call happening on the device. However, take note that the working of hidden spy apps might vary from device to device. So though the feature may not work well for some, it may perform perfectly for you.

By accessing the phone’s microphone, the cell phone monitoring app lets you listen to the surrounding voices for you to figure out where your lover is and what they’re saying. To make things even better, Spyera lets you gain access to the camera and secretly take photos and record videos of the target cell phone’s surroundings. And you can do all this without rooting the cell phone.

However, the remotely captured photos, videos, calls, and sound recordings might actually take some time to upload on the portal, depending on how large the files are. Nonetheless, it is still an amazing feature for you to stay on top of all activities that your partner is involved in.

Like most spy apps reviewed above, Spyera has a keylogger functionality that works in a way you’ll enjoy using. Unlike the other spy apps where you might see incomplete keystrokes, this app accurately records every single keystroke made across various mobile apps.

The monitoring app works perfectly fine on non-rooted phones, but if you do decide to root your target device, you get to enjoy some additional features. For instance, you get to intercept and listen in on live conversations when your partner is on a call and you want to know what they are discussing. This feature doesn’t just work on normal calls, but you can also download VoIP calls from various social messaging apps like Facebook, Viber, Tiktok, Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp, etc.

Spyera will even notify you whenever the target cell phone receives or makes a call. And this is all conducted while running in incognito mode so as to not raise any alarms. Basically, Spyera makes your monitoring experience complete in almost every aspect, making it easily one of the best apps to catch cheating lovers.

In terms of pricing, Spyera comes with 4 different pricing plans based on the types of devices. The mobile package is $89/month while the tablet is $69/month, and computer monitoring is $49/month. You can also opt to monitor all the devices with Spyera’s All In One Package that costs $479/year.


  1. Lets you monitor smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  2. Offers extensively advanced features to monitor digital devices.
  3. Straightforward installation procedure to make it a very easy-to-use hidden phone spy app.
  4. Offers a 10-days money-back guarantee in case the Spyera functionality is not suitable.


  1. Must root or jailbreak the target phone to use advanced features.
  2. Spyera app can be purchased with credit cards only.
  3. No live demo available.
  4. Expensive android phone spy app.


Relationships are already complicated and having a cheating partner involved can make things worse. Having doubts and constantly worrying is bad for your mental health and you would not want to risk burning bridges based on mere suspicion. Whatever your reasons are to check on your spouses’ cell phone, there are many different spy applications out there where thousands of people are using on a daily basis.

We have gone through different software and have shortlisted some of the best spy apps available to help you keep an eye on your relationship. Each app has its own unique pros and cons, so you’ll need to evaluate which is best for you based on your needs. We hope today’s article has given you sufficient information and detail to decide on which is the best software to help monitor your spouse’s cell phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can spyware be installed on an iPhone remotely?

Yes, just like how it is for its rival, Android, you can remotely install spyware on an iPhone if 2FA is turned on. 

Are monitoring apps illegal?

No, it is not illegal to install monitoring apps on devices that you own. Hence, it is totally legal to have monitoring applications downloaded in your kid’s iOS cellphone that you purchased or company devices. However, it is illegal to install a tracking app that records, tracks, forwards calls, or messages on someone’s mobile without their permission. In fact, it could potentially be a felony, resulting in more than 1 year in jail.

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