Auto Forward Review in 2021: Legit Or Scam?

Susan Kennedy

If you need a mobile phone monitoring software program that has been designed to help you capture and record messages, calls, social media messages, GPS locations, plus other sensitive information on a mobile phone without their knowledge, then Auto Forward may just be the app you need. But, how reliable is this spy app actually is? Is it the right spy app choice for you?

In today’s Auto Forward review article, we shall be looking at how this mobile spyware can be useful for anxious parents who want to monitor their children. With more and more reports of children getting robbed, raped, or involved in drug abuse, it is no surprise for parents wanting to know what their kids are doing on their smartphones without their knowledge.

The Auto Forward is a versatile monitoring software that can be useful to not just parents but also to managers and employers to effortlessly trail down every activity conducted on their employees’ company phones. There have been numerous reports of workers getting off-job to focus on other activities or even share their company’s confidential information with outsiders. With the Auto Forward spy app, you’ll now be able to ensure your employees are working rather than chilling.

Aside from that, the Auto Forward spy app could also be a great help for those with trucking businesses as the app allows drivers to choose the correct route for transportation; thus, boosting the overall truck delivery company to greater heights of success and glory.

How Does Auto Forward Spy App Work?

Auto-Forward spy app works on every Android mobile phone and tablet available on the market as well as Apple products, like the iPhones. The app also functions in all countries with various languages available for you to pick from. All you need to do is download the app on the target mobile phone, enter the license key received after purchasing the app, and sit back while it does all the work for you.

The spy app works by first ensuring a remote connection is established between the monitored device and the company’s servers. Once that is established, the spy app will extract the necessary information from your targeted mobile phone device, such as the GPS location, phone calls, text messages, social media messages, emails, postings, and more.

All the information and data extracted by Auto Forward spy app will be revealed without any alteration, even if the person has deleted the data on the target device. All information and data extracted from the target device will be uploaded immediately to your registered account with Auto Forward. You’ll then be able to view and access the relevant data on your dashboard easily from anywhere and at any time via any phone, tablet, or computer.

Auto Forward even makes it possible for you to download the stored data in your account and have it transferred to other external devices or phones, giving you the convenience of fully making use of the data whenever you need it.

Auto Forward Spy Features

As mentioned earlier, the Auto Forward Spy app works on both Android and iOS phones. In this section, we will be discussing the features offered by Auto Forward for each platform.


The Auto Forward spy app for iPhone lets you connect to any Apple device without even needing physical possession of the target device. The download process is also swift, fast, and easy. Once downloaded, you get to take advantage of a list of rich features that will help you retrieve call logs, emails, social media data, GPS location, and even deleted iMessages from any iPad or iPhone device. The iPhone Auto Forward Spy App comes with the following features:

iMessage Tracker

The app will collect all sent and received text messages or iMessages exchanged on the target iPhone device, including any deleted messages.

Call Monitoring

The spy app collects all relevant contact information stored on the target phone, including the phone number received, dialed, and the call duration.

Social Media Supervision

No spy app is complete without the ability to monitor installed apps. Auto Forward provides users with all the posts made on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter messages, and Snapchat posts conducted from the cellphone.


This advanced software helps you capture each keystroke ever made on the target device (whether iPhone or iPad), including the keyed passwords and usernames for each website. Check out the undetectable keylogger for Android to remains hidden and undetectable on the target phone.

Stealth Camera

The Auto Forward spy app even has a feature for you to take over the target phone’s front camera to capture the iPhone or iPad user anytime.


Users can also browse through all the photos and videos stored on the target phone.

Email Monitoring

The Auto Forward spy app provides plenty of information regarding the email messages sent and received on the target device such as the message content itself, sender, and receiver of the email.

Web Browser History Tracking

Auto Forward spy app provides users with details of websites visited by the target cell phone user.

Location Tracking

You can also get real-time location updates up to 50ft of a particular area of the target phone.

Application Blocking

The app gives you a list of installed apps and allows you to block the installation of any malicious and dangerous apps that might be on your kid’s cell phone. This will stop a child from accessing inappropriate applications.

Android Devices

Other than iOS devices, Auto Forward is also a great Android mobile spyware for cell phone users with its easy and quick access to GPS, texts, calls, and other much-needed information from the target phone. The app works with all Android tablets and can be remotely accessed via the over-the-air (OTA) link. The Android Auto Forward Spy App comes with the following features:

Text Messages

The Auto Forward app provides a copy of each SMS message, whether received, sent, and even deleted ones on the target Android cell phone.

Call Monitoring

Auto Forward gives users the opportunity to view all outgoing and incoming calls happening on the target Android cell phone. Besides that, it also gives you all the information regarding the call logs, including the timestamp, date, phone number, and name.

GPS Tracking

On your Auto Forward dashboard, you can track all the locations within 50ft that your target Android cell phone has been. The route history will even be displayed neatly on Google maps for your convenience.

24/7 Accessibility

The Auto Forward app lets users check on the activities happening on the target device any second you wish to look. As long as you have a web-enabled phone device and an internet connection, you can view whatever is happening on the cell phone at any time of the day.

Remote Lock

With the web-enabled device, you can now even remotely lock your target Android device from any location without physical access to the phone.

Search Alerts

The Auto Forward spy app has the capability to let you see any term or word searched on the website browser through your account dashboard or control panel.

Installed Applications

Through the Auto Forward app, you can now easily block apps in your target mobile device and even see any recently introduced and running applications.


It is easier to view all the diagnoses of the target phone device on the Auto Forward app including data usage, Bluetooth connectivity, battery life, and more.

Emails Monitoring

The spying software lets you view all incoming, outgoing, and deleted emails from your target device including the time, contact information, and date.

Social Media Monitoring

The spy software gives you full viewership of all the posts and messages that happened from any social media platform (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.) on the Android device. They will appear on your control panel in a similar manner as they appear on the mobile phone.

Besides Auto Forward, there are more spy app options available to track on social media. Study showed that people especially teenagers are using snapchat more regularly compared to the other social media apps. Thus, we have a list on how to monitor snapchat as a parent, spose or employer.

Photos and Videos

It is possible to view all the videos and pictures received or taken by the mobile device.

Auto Forward Installation

Unfortunately, you’ll have to install the Auto Forward app on your cell phone to enjoy its full list of features and friendly interface. Whether you’re a parent or a business owner seeking to monitor smartphone activities, this software is easy to install yourself. Auto Forward Reviews 2020 have proven that the program is compatible with many iOS and Android mobile devices.

Below are the steps on how to install the app successfully:

Step 1: Purchase the Application

You can either choose to install the paid or free version of this software. However, you need to know that the free version of the Auto Forward does not offer most of the important features required for monitoring. Still, it is recommended for you to review the full tutorials of the program for you to understand how it works before you purchase.

Step 2: Download & Install the Application on your Target Device

Upon purchasing the Auto Forward application, a receipt and registration will be sent via an email. You will then need to use the code to create an account after you insert the phone number. After account creation, you can create your login details to protect it from access by unauthorized people.

Next, the company will send you a download link and a full set of instructions to guide you on how best to install your application. Immediately after completing the installation process, the app will begin to run on the target device you intend to monitor.

Step 3: Log in to Start Monitoring

The Auto Forward application will start to function immediately after installation and stays active for as long as you want to monitor even when the phone is turned off. From the dashboard, you will be able to see all the activity that occurred on your target phone.

Customer Support

Auto Forward has a team of live operators to answer your question and take care of anything you may need. They offer rapid response to emails (usually within an hour) plus premium support service for extra help if you need it.


  1. Allows you to access any phone remotely
  2. Does not require you to jailbreak or root the phone
  3. Compatible with most phones
  4. Superb customer support
  5. Easy and simple interface
  6. Access to a wide number of remote functions
  7. Remote access to the dashboard


  1. Cannot be used for Vibe and BBM
  2. No Geo-fencing capabilities
  3. Cannot limit smartphone usage

Price – How Much Does it Cost?

Auto Forward is probably one of the most fairly-priced spy software on the market today with a monthly cost of $69.99. Any further improvements made to the application will even be available to you instantly.

If you’re still hesitant about their services, they even offer a 30-day refund policy, which lets a user request a refund if you end up not satisfied with the program.

Auto Forward Review Conclusion

This Auto Forward software is a versatile app that, although is not perfect, it is unlikely to disappoint. In fact, it might just be the ultimate solution for a person looking for an application to monitor and extract data. Overall, we would recommend Auto Forward Spy if you need real-time coverage and details of your child’s phone. Texts, online posts, multimedia, and more will be displayed on your dashboard, giving you insight into what your child is viewing and when.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this AutoForward spy application legit?

Using any spying application to track another person’s phone is legal as long as they are aware of it. You can also legally track your children that are under 18 without them knowing. Note that all other cases will be considered as a privacy violation and can result in legal-related consequences.

Can AutoForward be detected?

The program actually leaves no traces or icon apps, allowing you to discreetly monitor a person without them discovering or knowing.

Does it really work?

Yes, there are numerous reviews online claiming that this application is a revolutionary and effective spy solution with a high number of people resorting to it. This proves that the app is able to deliver as advertised.

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