About Spy.Guide

Thf only Website that brings you effective spying Resources

Spy.Guide is founded to bring you the knowledge you need when it comes to spying, monitoring and tracking your loved ones. With the advancement of technology, it’s very possible to monitor and control specific online activities (Snapchats, Facebook, etc) through tracking apps.

We have tested a range of software and are prepared to share our experience with you.

Topics we discuss

While we cover everything related to internet security, our main focus would be:

Guides on monitoring, spying and tracking mobile phones

Reviews of the top spy apps

How to protect and safeguard yourself from cybercrime

A word from our founder

Susan Kennedy is the founder of Spy.Guide and she has a lot to share with you, including:

Years of experience monitoring her children online activities

How to check if your spouse is cheating

How to spy on any mobile devices easily

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